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Blood group A+
Dinesh santogi Nimesh M. raval
Nitin P. patel Ghansyambhai M. patel
Rajesh L. prajapti Patel kiran D.
Surechbhai patel Sandip B. shah
Ganibhai A. vadia Jagat H. karani
Patel Ambalal M. Rakesh H. shah
Amrat A. Prajapati Kashyap H. Amin

Blood Group B+

Vinodbhai S. patel Patel Mukesh D.
Patel piyush M. Patel Mukesh V.
Sheladiya jayant B. Darshan U. dave
Mehal P. doshi Narendea R. patel
Hashmukhbhai K. patel Patel prakash R.
Joshi sunil K. Harishikesh H. bhatt
Manoj lekanwala Mahendra M. prajapti
Divyang A. joshi Madhuben R. prajapti
Jikesh M patel Patel bipin V.
Nilesh R patel Patel Ranjanben G
V. D. patel Patel Kaushik A.
Patel ashish H Nilay C. desai
Rakesh M. patel Smir V. parmar

Blood Group AB+

Shah jayesh amarchand Patel Kishorebhai Kantilal
Dilip V. Patel Yogesh J. Patel
Imtiyaj qureshi Niraj purohit

Blood Group A - Ve


Blood Group B - Ve

Jaysukh T. sapariya Snehal Suthar
Patel Priyanath K.  

Blood Group O+ve

Patel dinesh madhavlal Rakesh H. upadhyay
Patel Amrut B. Jayesh D. Bhatt
Patel Jagdish B Rakesh P. joshi
Patel jashu M. Amrish V. vyas
Dipak R. patel Sandeep V. shah
Vipul R. patel Sunil B. patel
Kirti B. soni Ramesh H. panchal
Jayesh M. shah Chandubhai H. patel
Pankaj B. shah Patel Pravin M.
Nirav B. shah Patel Ramanbhai M.
Jayesh N. Patel RAjnikant R. Patel
Rajendra I. Patel Patel Pravin Ambala
Rameshbhai V. Prajapati Shah Bankim Balubhai
Vaishali Bankim Joshi Dharmendra Darji

Jani Dilip A.

Prajapti Suresh C.

Blood Group B+ve

Bharat A. patel Hiren A. patel
Ramesh A. patel Manish L patel
Shailesh L. patel Pankaj B. Patel
Ramesh A. Patel Mitesh Patel
Birth Date


4 January Mehul dishi
8 January Neerav S. shah
11 January Sunil K. joshi
17 January Yogesh J Patel
19 January Mukesh V. patel
21 January Jagat karanee / Jaysukha sapariya
23 January Rakesh Joshi
31 January Darshan dave


5 February Snehal P. suthar
11 February Patel kiran D
13 February Ketan D. Patel
24 February Nimesh raval / Jashu M. patel
25 February Patel kaushik A.


1 March Mahendra M. prajapti
3 March Sureshbhai patel
15 March Dinesh santoki
19 March Pankaj B. shah
27 March Manish L. patel
31 March Rakesh upadhyah


10 April Vinod M. patel
25 April Prajapti ramesh v.
27 April Jikesh M patel


1 May Patel amrut V.
3 May Rajesh L. prajapti
4 May Patel dinesh M
24 May Dharmendra S. Darji
29 May Narendra R. patel


1 June Jagdish becharbhai / Chandubhai H. patel
" Ramesh H. panchal / Pravin M. patel
" Patel amalal M. / Ramesh A. patel
" Amrat A. Prajapati
4 June Rajanikant R. Patel
15 June Patel ramanbhai maganbhai
18 June Patel piyush M.
23 June Jani Dilipkumar Ambalal


1 July Ashish patel / Prakash patel
3 July Jayesh gandharv / Hasmukhbhai patel
  Sandip b. shah / Madhuben prajapti
7 July Sahilesh patel / Niraj purohit
11 July Shah Bankim Balubhai
" Sandip b. shah / Madhuben prajapti
14 3 July Manshukhbhai santoki
17 July Shailesh babubhai patel
23 July Samir veljibhai parmar
23 July Patel Priyanath K.


8 August Divyang joshi
25 August Rajesh K. patel / Jayesh N. Patel
29 August Hrishikesh bhatt
30 August Nilay desai


4 September Nilesh R. patel / Patel Pravin Ambalal
15 September Sandip V. shah
18 September Amrish V. vyas
22 September Bharat A. patel
23 September Hiren patel
27 September Vipul patel


5 October Dilip V Patel
7 October Ramesh Panchal
13 October Dipak patel
18 October Vaishaliben joshi
22 October Nitin patel
24 October Kishorebhai patel
25 October Ganibhai wadia


1 November Prajapti suresh C.
2 November Patel Ashishkumar Haribhai
4 November Patel ranjanben
7 November Kashyap H. Amin
12 November Patel bipin V.
13 November Dineshkumar  Manial  Patel
17 November
Sheladiya jayant B.


5 December Jayesh M. shah
6 December Mukesh D. patel
10 December Rakesh M. shah / Manoj lekinwala
22 December Visavadia Kaushik D.
25 December Kirit soni
29 December Imtiyaz kureshi

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