President's Message


It is my proud privilege to put a message from my desk for the existing member of GBA & aspiring ones.

We should be proud of our profession which is very noble one in the way it serves the basic need of a individual a “SHELTER” for stay & accommodation business & flourish.

Association apart from collective interaction & approach for the business prospects & general interest of the profession, is a strength of unity-and ethical approach to profession & interacting with regulatory authorities for broad & visionary approach of smooth & speedy development of housing industry.

Thank you for visiting the Gandhinagar Builders Association's interactive website. Whether you are one of the approximately XYZ members of our association or an interested consumer in our industry, we trust you will find the information and communication informative and beneficial.

The Gandhinagar Builders Association (GBA) is one of our State’s most established and respected associations representing single and multi family builders, renovators, land developers, trades, suppliers and general professionals bound together to provide the region with housing and communities that represent innovation and integrity.

The Gandhinagar Builders Association (GBA) values the opportunity and community in which they serve your interest in our association and its membership is very much appreciated. Please ensure to contact the, should you have any further inquires or questions that we may help you with.

Gandhinagar Builders Association (GBA)

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