Why Join GBA

There are many reasons to join a Builders' Association. Here are some of them:
  • Networking with other businesses
  • Information and training
  • Promote yourself as a professional
  • Influence the future of your industry
  • Build your business skills and knowledge
  • Connect with customers
  • Access to promotional materials
As a builder, you know how tough it is to make a living thesedays. Not only do you have the usual business challenges of managing workers and suppliers attracting buyers and keeping the books straight, but you have to keep up with the latest codes and regulations from central, state and local authorities ou've got to be on the job site every day, not sitting in the office researching the government's latest rules.  How do you stay up-to-date, grow your business and still have time for your family
A big part of the answer is to join the Gandhinagar Builders Association.  Our association has an organization in place to keep you informed on the latest regulations and trends in the housing & commercial industry, give you ideas on how to expand your business and make your voice heard in GUDA & Government of Gujarat.

Invaluable Networking Opportunities
What better way to expand your business circle than by getting involved in a trade organization dedicated to the building industry?  As an alliance of over 125 members of Gandhinagar Builders Association and 600-plus members in GIHED, we provide hundreds of ways for you to meet and build relationships with fellow professionals, customers, and suppliers. Membership meetings, Outings, Holiday night and seminars are networking opportunities available to our members.
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